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You sit comfortably reclined in an easy chair in a softly lit office. As you listen to your therapist with your eyes closed, you find your body relaxing more and more. Guided by the calm and confident voice, you allow your mind to let go and turn inward. You drowsily notice a mildly curious floating sensation in your body, as if you are not really sitting in the chair anymore, but rather floating - in the air, or in water. The voice talking to you gradually becomes more distant, and you even find yourself forgetting that it is there... but somehow the soothing voice continues to affect you, gently and almost automatically. As you relax even further, your awareness of where you are, why you are there, and who is speaking to you, recedes into the back of your mind. You just content yourself with effortlessly allowing the voice to act on you, and with enjoying this state of profound relaxation and deep calm... You are having a typical hypnotic experience.

Hypnosis is used effectively to facilitate patients' understanding of themselves or their problems, extinguish unfortunate habits, uncover repressed or forgotten memories, reduce anxiety and fears, and develop a new and more adaptive outlook. Hypnosis is used to effectively reduce pain and discomfort associated with medical procedures such as childbirth, treatment of burns, and surgery where anesthesia cannot be used effectively. It is also used to treat chronic pain and psychosomatic problems and counter unhealthy habits that contribute to illness.

Linda, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the wonderful work you did with me. It was like magic and the results were phenomenal! As you know I battled my uncontrollable addiction to sugar and coffee for years. I tried everything I knew with little results or none at all. After working with you the cravings are gone & it's so good to be back in control. You were the answer I was seeking & I feel so much better. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 


Taylor O'Connor

Inner Peace Project

Dallas, Texas